Our Vision

My Wooden Horse was born in that corner of the mind where creativity and nostalgia coalesce. We set out to design more than a simple, handmade, durable, wooden toy. We wanted to create a collectible that would be passed down through generations…not a throw-away that might end up in a garage sale, but something personal that when seen years later would bring back a flood of memories.


First, we observed and studied many varieties of horses. We sketched their elegant movements, their musculature and their general poses. From these sketches, we slightly altered and exaggerated some of their characteristics resulting in the unique combination of design attributes that make My Wooden Horse an iconic, yet playful toy.

Just as nature has given us horses reflecting a broad range of colors making each one unique, so too can one select from a broad range of colors for his or her My Wooden Horse or simply a classic, natural wood finish. We also decided to offer a Do-It-Yourself version, which gives one the opportunity to assemble and paint and thereby create a totally unique version of My Wooden Horse.



Each horse is made from high-quality, sturdy Beech. It is a closed-cell wood, which gives My Wooden Horse its high quality finish..


It's a great joy to transform a raw cut of wood into a perfectly smooth, finished wooden toy horse. The fine finish of each My Wooden Horse is due to the quality of and the amount of sanding and love that goes into creating one.



The painting procedure is divided into two steps: first, several layers of primer are applied and then several layers of paint. The primer provides for a smooth and long-lasting base coat to which the topcoat adheres. We finish with a high-quality, lead-free, child-approved, polyurethane, semi-matte paint, which is extremely resistant to impact.

Assembly and QA

When all of the individual parts are completed, painted and fully dried, the horse is ready to be assembled. It is important to note that we continuously check for any defects that may arise both during and after the assembly process. Once everything is checked and rechecked, we make the final assembly gluing and attaching all the other components, such as the silicone wheels, ears and tail.


Due to the strong type of wood used and the way each horse is constructed, breakage during shipping is very rare making My Wooden Horse a great traveler. Each finished horse is placed between two, form-fitting pieces of styrofoam ensuring a safe trip to its new home.


We really love to design and when we thought of My Wooden Horse we simply jumped in and went to work realizing our vision. We were amazed and caught off guard by the interest My Wooden Horse generated, which created a “good” problem. How could we meet all of this demand at a price many people could afford?

To solve the problem, in February 2013, we launched a Kickstarter project (kickstarter.com) in order to manufacture at a scale that preserved the quality we had wanted at the price people needed. Our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded and with the proceeds we opened a production line in a small family factory in China. At the end of 2014, the first shipment of 1,500 My Wooden Horses went out into the world. We look forward to working with our Chinese partners to continue to share many more of My Wooden Horses and the smiles they bring to kids, small and Big, around the world.

The Shalgis:

Netta (left) and Avner, brothers, born in Israel in 1980 and 1983 respectively, are industrial designers. Their mother is a potter, artist and art teacher while their father and grandfather are engineers. Coming from a family with a background in both art and engineering, Netta and Avner found themselves growing up surrounded by boundless inspiration for new ideas and how to bring them to life. Each brother on his own found his way into the world of industrial design. Netta graduated for HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) in 2009 and Avner graduated from BEZALEL Art Academy in 2011. Today, they are both independent designers, who provide contract design services while also pursuing their own projects. Their sister, Amit, (middle) keeps an eye on any signs of sibling rivalry.